炉 & 加热的维护


You depend on your home’s heating system to keep you warm and comfortable. And like any other appliance, your furnace needs routine care and maintenance to run efficiently. TLC提供全面的调试和维护服务, 你可以保护你的系统,最大化你的投资. 无论年龄, 炉的型号或品牌, TLC is committed to delivering top-of-the-line maintenance—every time.


  • 技术人员许可,诚实
  • 32年以上工作经验
  • 使它正确保证100%



在宝博app官网,熔炉是一种非常常见的加热源 & 里约热内卢牧场区域. And when it comes to furnace maintenance and care — you can count on TLC for the expertise needed to service all furnace types, 包括:

  • 气炉
  • 电熔炉
  • 墙壁和地板炉
  • 丙烷炉



每年的维护有助于延长您的炉子的寿命, catch any potential safety risks and gives you peace of mind that your furnace is up to code and working properly.

If you’re hoping to avoid expensive furnace problems down the road or would like lower heating costs without sacrificing comfort, 我们建议每年由暖通专业人员进行一次检查.


  • 保持制造商的保修 -Most major furnace manufacturers can and will void a warranty if your furnace hasn’t been regularly maintained by a licensed professional.With regular maintenance, you can help keep your warranty intact.
  • 减少能源费用 – A well-tuned furnace uses less energy and runs more efficiently. 例如, a clean filter provides better airflow and helps keep your home at your desired temperature without working overtime (which can raise energy costs).
  • 检测危险- - - - - - An unchecked furnace runs the risk of gas and carbon monoxide leaks and more.
  • 〇让你温暖 Never get left out in the cold by knowing the condition of your furnace before winter begins. 

有一个旧炉子? 维修可能不是答案

If your furnace is older than 15 years old, keep an eye out for 这是炉子开始失效的警告信号.

如果你准备好了的话 安装新火炉 或者替换现有的, you can trust our experts to help you find a system that meets your comfort needs and budget.



  • 低:120美元
  • 平均:300美元
  • 高:1000美元

在宝博app官网, our one-time maintenance calls start at $120, but overall costs can vary. Additional costs may incur for 2+ units or if repairs are needed. Our techs will always provide upfront pricing before any repairs are performed.

点击这里了解我们的 炉维修.


As part of the annual inspection, TLC’s heating professionals perform the following maintenance:

  • 检查内部元素 – We’ll check electrical wiring and components for excessive heat and any debris that may cause the furnace to malfunction.
  • 检查热交换器 —换热器是产生热量的地方. If it’s not working properly, your home won’t be able to reach the desired temperature.
  • 测试和检查电容器 —风机由电容控制. If it’s not working properly, the furnace will not be able to reach the desired temperature.
  • 检查燃烧器 – The technician will check the burners by opening the unit to ensure they are clean and firing properly. 这应该由一个训练有素的专业人士来做.
  • 检查火焰传感器 -火焰传感器是煤气炉的一个安全特性. If dust and debris builds up on the flame sensor (which is common in our climate), 炉子不会启动,而是会反复循环开关.
  • 检查并清洁空气过滤器 – A clean filter is essential to maintaining comfortable temperatures in winter. Our technicians will inspect and clean the furnace filter prior to starting it up.
  • 检查点火系统 -不像老式的炉子有一个指示灯, newer furnaces have an ignition system that are responsible for automatically igniting the pilot. Our heating experts will ensure that the ignition system is operating properly.




打电话给我们, (505) 761-9644 or 在线宝博app官网 安排你的约会. A TLC customer service rep will work with your schedule to find an appointment time that works best for you.

2) TLC技术员将执行维护工作

One of our techs will arrive at the scheduled time and perform maintenance on your furnace. Our pros are always respectful of your home and space — and will do their best to keep disruptions to a minimum. 如果发现问题或需要修理, your tech will always give you upfront pricing — no gimmicks here.


在TLC,我们100%支持我们的工作. After performing your furnace maintenance, our techs will make sure you are completely satisfied. If you didn’t receive the best service possible, we want to know where we went wrong.


在你最意想不到的时候,炉子会出问题. 你通常需要尽快修理或更换. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions our experts receive about furnace maintenance.


我们专业的暖通技术人员建议您 炉检查 annually before you start using your furnace in the fall and winter.


Your furnace inspection and maintenance visit should include three things: inspection of all furnace components, 清洗和更换过滤器,并进行一氧化碳测试. This ensures that your furnace runs smoothly and safely during the fall and winter months.


The average furnace inspection takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete. 如果你有一个以上的炉子, it may take up to an hour per furnace to properly inspect the units.


Many manufacturers require annual maintenance on heating equipment in order to keep the warranty valid.


Just like any other furnace, gas furnaces need annual maintenance before the heating season. 煤气炉需要清洁, inspected and tested for carbon monoxide to avoid breakdowns and dangerous carbon monoxide leaks.

Put maintenance on auto-pilot with our Preventative 维护 Program

在宝博app官网, we know that scheduling annual furnace maintenance isn’t always top-of-mind for the majority of our customers. 这就是我们创建预防性维护计划的原因. 加入我们的预防性维护计划, you’ll receive a complimentary call to schedule your visit before the busy season starts.


  • 每年检修4次
  • 10% off any services or installations not covered by your PMA
  • 提前安排春季和秋季参观的机会
  • 减少意外紧急修理
  • 潜在能源成本节约

Our preventive maintenance program offers you more than just expert service and tune-ups, 它会给你带来一整年的平和和安慰. 了解更多关于 TLC预防性维护.


我们开门了,给我们打电话 (505) 761-9644 or you can always schedule an appointment online at our website. TLC is committed to provide you with knowledgeable, reliable service for your home or business.