Many businesses in 宝博app官网 are pivoting and working hard to find ways to make things work during these challenging times. 你可能正在减少公司的员工数量, 或者暂时完全关闭. We wanted to provide tips to local businesses on things 你可以 do today to save money and how to best shut your 商业 building’s appliances down to avoid unnecessary costs while patrons and employees are staying home during Covid-19.

TLC remains committed and prepared to respond to your customers’ needs and to provide the same level of trusted quality service you have come to expect. 如果你需要我们,我们会在你身边.

你可以做的事情如果你是 还在营业

These are some simple measures 你可以 take to help save money on your utility bills and to ensure your equipment is running efficiently.


  • 提高能源效率 – It’s important to change the filters in your 商业 AC units for a couple of reasons. First, it’s an easy way to make sure that you’re getting maximum airflow. 如果你的过滤器很脏或堵塞, it means your system has to work harder to get air through the system. 这可能导致单位工作更努力,使用更多的能源.
  • 延长空调的使用寿命 – If you have a dirty filter, this can cause the dirt and debris to damage your system.  +, your system is forced to work harder when your filter is dirty and can cause a lot of unnecessary wear and tear.
  • 最小化意外维修 & 系统故障 – Neglecting to change your air filter can cause your system to shut down. It can cause the coils to frost over and eventually into a block of ice. 这种情况发生时,设备就会关闭.

如果你想要一些帮助你的过滤器 你可以 安排服务 所以我们可以来帮你解决这个问题.


  • Cleaning the condensing coils on your 商业 AC package unit at the start of the cooling season can do a lot for your equipment. 最好的办法是用水来洗你的线圈. Have a little bit of pressure in your hose and gently stroke up and down to clean out the dirt buildup and anything else that could get caught in the coils (i.e. 杨木种子). 当你清洁线圈时, you’re opening up the little gaps in the coil so the air can easily flow through and the heat can transfer off the aluminum fins.  Doing this at the beginning of the season will help your unit run more efficiently, 这反过来又, will cause less wear and tear and save money on your energy bills. 我们制作了一段视频来告诉你怎么做 清洁您的商用空调机组的线圈.


  • 把恒温器设定在70度左右. 因为外面的温度开始变暖, this helps keep your system from turning on as often and working as hard to maintain a cooler temperature point. TLC recommends 70 degrees because it tends to be tolerable for most people. When your equipment isn’t having to work as hard, it helps extend the life of your equipment. 你还会在水电费上看到一些节省.


  • 幸运的是,这里不需要做很多事情. You’ll just want to make sure that your employees aren’t flushing anything but toilet paper down the drain. 请不要将“可冲洗”的纸巾扔进下水道. They do not break down the same way as toilet paper and can cause major backups.
  • Turning down the temperature of your water heater helps conserve energy. Your water heater kicks on every time it drops below the temperature you’ve set. When you lower the temperature, it keeps the water heater from turning on as often. 这有助于节省你的煤气费.


  • If a portion of your building is shut down and doesn’t require power, 我们强烈建议拔掉电器插头. 你还需要关掉所有不必要的电源插板. Even if you’re not using the appliance, it’s still drawing power when it’s plugged in. 只要拔掉你不需要的东西, 你可以为你的公司省下一笔电费.

你可以做的事情 如果你暂时关闭了,那就建立

Here is a checklist of to-dos for your business to ensure that you have everything properly shut off and that you’re saving money on your utility bills.


  • If your business depends on maintaining temperature control then look to only keep certain points of your building’s 恒温器 on. 如果你有服务器机房, 例如, keep that room at the temperature recommended by your IT department. You can go ahead and turn off 恒温器s in your building at all other locations. 这将使你的单位运行时,它是不必要的.
  • 朝南的窗户可以产生大量的自然热量. 关上百叶窗或窗帘,让你的建筑保持凉爽.


  • 如果你有一个沼泽冷却器, 你的建筑不需要冷却, 你可以关掉那个装置. 如果有需要空气流动的区域, 你可以 take out the damper so fresh air can get into your building. Luckily, we’re at a great time of year, when we generally don’t need our cooling systems. 不过,这种情况可能很快就会改变. 如果它开始变热, then you may want to consider turning on your swamp cooler to keep those areas of your building cool.
  • Close the blinds or curtains on south-facing windows to help keep your building cool.


  • Your plumbing is pretty low maintenance – you don’t need to do anything to it when you shut down your building. Your water lines aren’t activated unless someone turns on a faucet or flushes a toilet. 然而, 如果你确实有从马桶或水槽流出的点滴, 你可以 shut off the angle stop to that particular faucet or toilet to keep the water from running. 这将有助于降低你的水费.
  • We suggest turning down the temperatures of your water heaters or turning them to pilot-only mode. Your water heater is regularly turning on to maintain your set temperature point. 如果你现在不需要热水的话, 然后你可以调低温度设置来省钱. 我们不建议把热水器全部关掉.


  • Even if you have computers or any other appliances that are plugged in, 他们仍在使用少量的电, 即使它们目前没有被使用. You should unplug or turn off any unneeded power strips to avoid using unnecessary power while your building is not in use. 这将节省更多的电费.

在这充满挑战的时刻,TLC为我们的社区而存在. Please reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns or require assistance. We remain open so that we can continue to provide service essential services to all of our customers. 如果你需要帮助,你可以 安排服务呼叫 与我们的商业团队或致电(505)761-9644.