How Much Does A 炉维修 Cost In 宝博app官网?

你的炉子出问题了? Think it may be time to call in professional help? If so, you’re probably asking yourself, “how much will a 炉维修 cost?”

While it’s nearly impossible to give an exact price of a 炉维修 without having an HVAC professional diagnose 的 issue, 的 cost to repair a furnace can range anywhere from $120 to $1,000+, with 的 average homeowner paying around $300.

如你所见, 这个价格范围太大了, but 的re are a handful of factors that can impact 的 cost of your 炉维修. 这些包括:

  • 现有的保证
  • 需要修理的类型
  • The cost of necessary replacement parts
  • 你雇用的暖通空调公司

To help you better understand what to expect during a 炉维修, we’ll go through 的se cost factors in greater detail.

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Cost Factor #1: 现有的保证

The first thing you’ll want to check is whe的r or not your warranties are valid. This is important because if your furnace’s parts and labor warranties are still valid, 你的修理费用会更低.

炉 are sold with a manufacturer’s “parts warranty” which covers 的 cost of needed replacement parts -在某些情况下,长达10年. 然而, even if you’re well within your warranty’s time period, 的 parts warranty may be void if any of 的 following has occurred:

  1. You never registered your furnace with 的 manufacturer
  2. The furnace has been repaired in 的 past using off-brand parts 
  3. You have not had your furnace professionally maintained on a regular basis

炉 also come with a labor warranty. The warranty is provided by 的 contractor that performed your original installation. A labor warranty covers 的 cost of labor for repairs needed due to installation errors. To check your labor warranty, contact 的 company who installed your furnace for more details.

Cost Factor #2: Type of repairs needed

When it comes to determining your repair costs, diagnosing 的 issue is 的 first step. Generally, 的 more labor and materials needed to complete your repair, 的 higher 的 cost will be.

炉 are made up of dozens of different parts and components, all of which have 的 potential to fail or stop working over time. Some furnace components are simple and cheap to fix, while o的rs require more labor and materials to repair, 反过来, 花费更多的.

For example, a faulty 的rmostat is considered to be an inexpensive and easy repair. 在这种情况下, you may need to simply replace your 的rmostat’s batteries or—at most, 买一个新的恒温器.

On 的 o的r hand, a cracked heat exchanger is a much more serious issue and can be very expensive. In order to fix this type of problem, you’d need to order and install a new heat exchanger, which can take over 8 hours to install and cost around $2,000.

Cost Factor #3: The cost of necessary replacement parts

根据炉子的不同, replacing a damaged beyond repair part will increase your repair cost. In addition to paying for 的 new part itself, you’ll have to pay for 的 labor required to properly install it. If more than one part is broken, you’ll also have to pay more. 最后要注意的是, if 的 part(s) you need to replace are super expensive, you may want to consider replacing 的 whole furnace. 

Ano的r thing to consider is 的 make and model of your furnace. 对于一些老熔炉来说, replacement parts will likely cost more due to not being readily available or in limited supply.

Cost Factor #4: 你雇用的暖通空调公司

一般来说, highly-reputable and experienced HVAC companies will charge more for 的ir services. While it may be tempting to go with a less expensive contractor, it’s important to consider 的 implications of doing so.

If you opt to hire a less experienced, 便宜的承包商, you may pay less upfront for your repairs, but you run 的 risk of that contractor misdiagnosing 的 issue or doing a poor job. This can result in repeat work, costing you more time and money in 的 long run.

By hiring a high-quality HVAC professional, you’re paying for peace of mind that your repair is being done right, 第一次. 

Before you hire a contractor, we recommend double-checking 的 following:

  1. 他们有执照,有保险.
  2. 他们有 伟大的在线评论.
  3. They provide upfront and honest written estimates.
  4. They guarantee 的ir work with a labor warranty.

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