Swamp Cooler 维护 Tips


Those hot summer temperatures are just around the corner, are you ready? We are getting closer and closer to those very hot days in New Mexico! It is definitely time to get your swamp cooler up and running and ready for summer. Swamp cooler maintenance is essential to keeping you cool and comfortable. While we absolutely recommend hiring a professional to get your swamp cooler started up, we wanted to offer some tips for those homeowners who do their own swamp cooler prep.

1. 知道你的部分

It’s a good idea to know what parts you’ll probably need to replace each year when starting up your cooler. Often times if you will likely need to replace some of the small parts that wear out each year in your cooler. Avoid trips up and down the ladder, and multiple trips to the hardware store by checking the condition of your parts and 垫 before you start. This will help reduce the time it takes and the headaches with starting up your cooler. It is usually a good idea to replace your swamp cooler 垫 each year in standard swamp coolers and every 2-3 years in mastercool 单位.

2. 确保你的梯子

Remember your safety should always be your number one concern when using a ladder. If your cooler is on your roof, make sure that your ladder is secure before attempting to climb up. If you don’t feel comfortable or are unable to get up on your roof it’s always best to hire a professional to do this for you.

根据 International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and the World Health Organization, each year there are more than 164,000 emergency room treated injuries and 300 deaths in the U.S that are caused by falls from ladders.

Ladder safety is something to take very seriously and you should always be very cautious when using ladders. Get safety tips at the above link.

3. 确保你的工具

If your swamp cooler is on the roof it is always a good idea to make sure you have all the tools you need before you head up the ladder. It is also a good idea to secure your tools once you are on the roof. These will help you avoid multiple trips up and down the ladder and access your tools much more safely while on your roof.

4. Avoid 电 Hazards

This is another reason why it is best to use a professional to maintain your cooler. Water and electricity do not mix and can be very dangerous! There are steps you need to take to ensure that power to the cooler is off and ensure that there is no electricity going to the cooler while you are prepping it. If you have never done a swamp cooler start-up before, or do not feel comfortable working with electrical 单位 we advise you to call a professional to avoid any possibility of electrical hazards.

5. 清洁冷却器

It is very important to clean the swamp cooler, 删除碎片, and thoroughly remove mineral build-up on the cooler, 垫, 和部分. We respond to many swamp cooler repairs throughout the summer that have to do with mineral build-up affecting the cooling effectiveness. If you have a lot of scale buildup throughout the cooler it will not allow the correct amount of water flow to go through the cooler and will not allow your swamp cooler to cool effectively. The cleaning process can be quite tedious but is essential to maximizing your cooling when the temperature outside skyrockets!

We hope you find these tips helpful. They are meant to help you maximize your cooling effectiveness. 然而, we always recommend having a professional maintain and start-up your cooler to prevent unnecessary repairs, avoid safety hazards and maximize your cooling. Swamp coolers work well with our mild, dry climate but in order to get the most cooling capacity, they require maintenance to maximize their cooling effectiveness. You can always schedule a service call or ask our professionals a question regarding our swamp cooler maintenance services.


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