Heil 炉维修, 修复 & 安装

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Is it time for you to replace your furnace? Are you exploring options and features of 炉? Heil 炉 offer comfort and a variety of energy efficient models that are sure to meet your needs and budget. With the latest gas 炉 by Heil, you can not only stay warm in the cold winter months, but you can also save money too!


Heil 炉 have high-energy efficiency ratings and are an excellent option if you’re looking for a greener, less expensive way to heat your home. Designed for maximum thermal conservation and quietness, Heil 炉 can be used in any residential or commercial space. Models range from basic standard options to variable speed, high-efficiency 炉. 宝博app官网是许可, and qualified to install a full range of Heil 炉 in your 宝博app官网 or 里约热内卢牧场, 家庭或业务. Heil 炉 are backed by 100-year tradition of excellence with quality design engineering, 质量生产, 和服务支持.


TLC宝博体育买球加热 & 冷却 is a local authorized dealer of 嗨炉 and air conditioning systems. We repair, replace and install a variety of Heil 炉. Because we work directly with the supplier we can repair and replace heil equipment and honor 保修 for parts and systems.

  • G8MX
  • G8MT
  • G8MV
  • G8MTL
  • G8MVL
  • G9MVT
  • G9MAE
  • G9MVE
  • G9MXE
  • G9MXT
  • G9MAC
  • H9MPD
  • H9MPX
  • H9MPT
  • H9MPV
  • H9MVX


  • N8MSN
  • N8MXL
  • N9MSB
  • N9MSE
  • PS80
  • PS92
  • PS95

Why Buy a Heil Furnace?


Designed to force more heat to the outside surface for increased heat transfer. The interlocking clamshell design reduces cracking or separating over the life of the gas furnace.


Heil offers a wide range of models from single stage to variable speed for your comfort needs.

Standard Features High Standards

Lasting engineering and design features to give you high quality without the premium price tag.


Heil units are backed by exceptional warranties, which can vary from 10-year parts – No hassle replacements for select models.

安装 Flexibility

Compact multi-position cabinet is ideal for any type of residential 安装.


Many Heil furnace models have the blower motor isolated behind a sealed door to reduce operating noise.

Good, Better, Best 嗨炉


Good – Single Stage Furnace

  • 单速风机
  • Energy Rating Models between 80%-95% AFUE
  • RJP(Rigid Press Joint) Heat Exchanger provides better air movement helps to overcome problems like cracking and leaking.
  • 20 Year heat exchanger limited 保修, 5-year parts limited 保修.


Better – Heil Two Stage Furnace

  • Two Speed Blower for high and low settings.
  • Energy Efficient Models Ranging From 80% – 95%
  • Quiet Control – Blower motor isolated behind a sealed door for quiet operation.
  • No Hassle 更换 Limited Warranty*


Best – Heil Variable Speed 炉

  • Variable speed blower for optimum comfort and energy savings.
  • Energy efficient models from 80% – 97% AFUE.
  • Innovative communication wall control to fine tune comfort levels while maximizing energy savings.
  • 5-Year No Hassle 更换 Limited Warranty*

Heil 炉维修 Experts

加热的问题 rarely occur at a convenient time. 这就是为什么我们 炉维修 technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any 炉维修s. We offer quick response and are committed to resolving your heating problem as soon as possible.

Whether we install your Heil furnace or perform repairs, your work is always covered by TLC. We stand by our work 100% offering comprehensive one-year warranties on labor and craftsmanship. Because we work directly with the local Heil supplier we can also honor manufacturer warranties directly in most cases. When we install your new furnace we will also provide you with one year of preventive maintenance for your new system. We will also assist you with 注册 your new heating system for the manufacturer 保修.

No Hassle 更换 – Limited Warranty

Many of the Heil 炉 offer the No Hassle 更换 Warranty.  这 保修 length and availability varies on the model number.