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TLC is here to resolve all of your faucet concerns. 从腐蚀和压力问题,到令人沮丧的滴漏,甚至更换,我们都做了. 我们的持证水管工是一些最友好和最有经验的,你会遇到. 当然, when you choose TLC, 您的服务受到国家一些最好的保修和担保的保护, including our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Give us a call, day or night. We’re open 24/7!


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Trustworthy: We offer 100% customer satisfaction

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Signs you need a faucet repair


Water pressure. 你的水压是太高了,太低了,还是水从水龙头里出来时溅起了水花? While it’s not an emergency, it’s certainly annoying. And with TLC plumbers available at all times of the day, you have that pressure issue resolved in no time.

Water leaks from the base. 如果它从基座泄漏,那么它可能需要更换或部件修理.

的 handle is leaking. 有时它们是可以修复的,但如果部件太磨损,你可能需要更换整个水龙头.

水龙头漏水. 另一个需要修理水龙头的迹象是,水龙头关闭很长时间后,水龙头头还在滴水. Drips seem harmless enough and are hardly an emergency situation. 但随着时间的推移,它们会给你每个月的水费增加不少.


How Much Does a 水龙头修理 Cost?


  • $275
  • $300
  • $320

Faucet repair cost factors:


Spare parts or replacements. 的 vast majority of replacement faucet parts are under $50, and the time it takes to complete them is under an hour. 如果水龙头本身需要更换,成本往往会多一点. TLC的授权专业人士会为您提供所有水龙头维修的前期固定价格报价.

Age and type of faucet. Not all faucets are created equal. 大多数旧型号都是直接维修,只有少数部分需要检查. 但他们的年龄可能是一个问题,如果他们超过10岁,他们可能需要更换. 新模型, such as those with touchless technology, 也会增加维修的复杂性并增加成本吗.

Non-faucet-related issues. 如果你担心压力,那可能不是水龙头的问题. It may have something to do with your home’s piping. 的 same goes for water temperatures. Is that the faucet, or the water heater? 我们的专业人员会在诊断时确定到底发生了什么.


知道你的家免受常见宝博体育买球问题的影响,你会感到安心. With TLC’s preventative maintenance plan, 会员每年接受宝博体育买球维修,以避免最常见的宝博体育买球问题. 会员还享有优先调度,零件和服务的特别折扣,以及更多! 您可以根据自己的需求和预算定制定制方案,今天就给我们打电话: (505) 761-9644.


Need a faucet repaired fast?

TLC在宝博app官网及周边地区提供全天候服务. Just give us a call at (505) 761-9644 and we’ll dispatch one of our trusted plumbers as soon as possible!

时间表 faucet repair

Our Service 过程

  1. 1)

    时间表 your diagnostic visit.

    After you’ve called or requested a faucet repair online我们将介绍一位友好的内部客户服务人员给您认识. 从这里开始,我们将记下一些关于你家和水龙头问题的重要信息. 下一个, up, 我们会指派一名有执照的宝博体育买球专业人员来解决您的问题,并安排时间将它们送到您的家中.

  2. 2)

    We'll repair your faucet.

    您的宝博体育买球专业人员会开着满载的卡车准时到达,随时准备上门维修任何水龙头. 欢迎你和你的水管工一起诊断问题——问任何你想问的问题! 一旦我们发现问题所在,我们就会给你一个前期的固定报价. After you’ve signed off, we’ll get right to work.

  3. 3)

    We'll ensure 100% satisfaction.

    人们选择TLC的原因之一是我们持续的客户保护. 换句话说,在你的水管工离开你的家很久之后,我们会一直在你身边. 我们修好后,如果您的水龙头有问题,请打电话给我们. 我们会尽快派人出去解决这个问题,让您100%满意.


Customer story in 宝博app官网


问题: 当比安卡G.’s kitchen faucet began sputtering nonstop, she decided to schedule a diagnostic with the team at TLC. 在接到比安卡的电话后,我们派出了我们最好的专家之一,丹尼尔,来评估她的水龙头问题.

解决方案: 丹尼尔及时赶到,完成了对比安卡的水龙头和宝博体育买球的全面评估. 的 good news was there were no major pipe concerns. 但丹尼尔很快意识到,问题中的水龙头太旧了,换掉它是最好的办法. 比安卡决定把她的旧水龙头换成丹尼尔卡车上的一个模型. 几个小时后,比安卡就有了一个水压完美的新水龙头. Thanks for your business, Bianca. We’ll see you next time!

“Carlos and his crew were just awesome. Daniel also was very nice and professional. I felt like he was honest and knowledgeable. 在这个保持社交距离的疯狂时期,他们保持尊重、冷静和专注. 让他们在我家里连接我的新系统,我感到很舒服. I am very happy with the decision we made and by going with TLC! Thank you all for being amazing!”

比安卡G., 宝博app官网 Homeowner

水龙头修理 常见问题的

下面我们回答了一些宝博app官网房主最常见的水龙头维修问题. If you suspect a problem, contact TLC straight away: (505) 761-9644.

  • What types of faucets does TLC repair?

    他们所有人! 我们修理浴室的水龙头,厨房的水龙头,淋浴和浴缸的水龙头,以及两者之间的一切.

  • What are common causes for leaky faucets?

    的 most common reasons for faucet leaks include damaged parts, worn-out cartridges, and excessive water pressure. A TLC plumber can help resolve any of these issues for you.

  • How much water does a leaky faucet waste on average?

    More than you might expect! 的 EPA估计 超过1万亿加仑的水因为房屋泄漏而被浪费. 的 same source notes that upwards of 10,每年仅一个漏水的水龙头就损失了000加仑的水!

  • What's the average cost of a new faucet?

    更换一个水龙头的费用从100美元到500美元不等,甚至更多,这取决于你想买什么. 最新的非接触式水龙头可能比传统的水龙头贵很多. 如果你想帮助你找到最适合你预算的水龙头,TLC水管工可以指导你的选择.



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